Honeycomb panel


Nidaplast honeycombs are suitable for the production of complex parts produced by RTM or vacuum infusion process. Especially for the production of large-sized product such as windmills, boats, swimming pools or water tanks.

The use of honeycomb allows significant weight reduction, along with high structural properties and a good surface aspect. The plastic film keeps the cells closed and avoids additional resin consumption. Closed casting processes make it possible to limit VOC emissions to improve health and safety at work and minimize air pollution.

Nidaplast sheets are composed of extruded honeycombs made of polypropylene. These panels are covered on both sides with plastic film and non-woven material, making them the perfect core for manual installation or spray molding.

Polyester nonwoven is firmly welded to honeycomb cells and ensures a high level of adhesion in most types of thermoset resins such as polyester (or epoxy …). Due to the many different resin formulations and process variations, it is recommended to check compatibility with Nidaplast.






Both sides covered with PP film and polyester non-woven material. This surface allows perfect bonding with most types of structural adhesives (polyurethane, epoxy, MS polymer, …)

Almost all materials can be glued to Honeycomb nidaplast (aluminum, marble, steel, MDF, plywood ….)

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